I'm a gamer girl who is studying animation likes owls, photography and drawing portraits

Connors Legacy
I can picture Connor having daughter and a son but I went with him having a girl. Connor was my main inspiration, specifically his more “wild” style from Tyranny of King Washington. 
Unlike her father and more like her grandmother in the original AC 3, she embrace the wild side of her and her people and is more aggressive and brutal. Her mentor was her father who encourages her noble heart so that it doesn’t get to caught up in vengeance.
Wip - Connors legacy
Being Human is over… I will really miss Aidan (Sam Witwer) who I adore.
Started sketching her and I was satisfied, but than I started to paint her and it wasn’t at all what I had in mind… anyway playing with those tattoos was fun…
Assassin’s Creed 3 - Connor
I always forgot how fun but frustrating digital painting can be…
Zvonimir - main owl
expression exercise
”Hipster owls and the annoying Tintilinić”
Layout for the cartoon I’m making.
Lol something I totally forgot I have… comic I planed to start but never did… should I?
Another Division art.
This time I wanted to play with the light from the small computer that is on Nicks backpack and draw him in motion.
L.A. Noire 
I finally got to play this awesome game. I really enjoyed it. I was about to draw Bekowsky (my favorite partner) but than Jack Kelso is such cool guy and probably my favorite character. and he is kinda cute too…
John Mayer
Can’t stop listening to him
The Division
snooping around John Mayers instagram and this particular picture caught my eye, so I had to draw it… btw I can’t stop listening to his new album